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Viewer suitability codes:

                       G general aged care level

                       1  : mild dementia level

                       2  : moderate dementia level

                       3  : severe dementia level

VivolyMix Channel

Your clever activity assistant!

Levels:  G   1   2   3 

Duration: 1hr - full day

VivolyTV makes your life easy with premixed activities schedules.

This saves you time planning, searching and prepping.

Choose a level, a block of time, and a theme, and push play!

It's that easy!

See VivolyMixes below:


Sitdance Channel

Activates voice, body, and soul!

Levels:  G-  1-2  

Duration: 10-30 minutes

There are 22 sitdances + the Warming-up dance.

Each dance begins with a tutorial (no music),

followed by the dance + voice over prompts.

An episode consists of multiple dances.

A themed Sitdance course consists of multiple progressive episodes . 

Each episode begins with the same irresistible Warming-up dance.









View the channel and course trailers and more below:

Click here to visit the

s i t d a n c e

page for more details.


Slow Show Channel

Designed for those who can no longer follow TV.

Level:  3 

Duration: 15-60 minutes

People with advanced dementia can often be seen sleeping in front of a T.V.

Are they avoiding the overload of sounds, image changes, and information? 

The Slow Show format follows recommendations by independent research.

Images are free from text and narrations, and set to environmental sound and music

at a pace viewers can comprehend.

Viewers are guided on a visual and auditory journey through space and time,,

so the can reminisce, process thoughts and emotions

View channel trailer and episode titles below:


Ambient Channel

Soothe the heart and mind, nurture the soul.

Levels:  G   1   2   3 

Duration: 15-60 minutes

Relax with beautiful images of Mother Nature,

or soothing repetitive actions of art making or spiritual rituals,

Set to music.

View the episode trailers below:


vBooks Channel

Read, listen, or watch the illustration.

Levels:  G   1   2   3 

Duration: 15-30 minutes

vBooks are like eBooks but in video format.

They are written and designed for people with dementia and cognitive decline.

They are easy to read and comprehend. 

 Read with sound off,

listen with sound on,

and/or 'read' the illustrations.

You can pause the video and linger and take the time needed to

comprehend, reminisce, or discuss.


Maybe they have a story to tell!

vBooks can trigger memories that are pleasant, or still await processing.

Once processed they may provide inner space and peace.

View the vBook titles below:

Creativity Channel

Create, express, accomplish, feel great!

Levels:  G   1   2   3 

Duration: 15-90 minutes

No cooky-cutter or spaghetti art on this channel!

No factory-made colouring-in books either.


Meaningful creative activities designed with motor and cognitive abilities in mind.

Use of affordable materials and simple yet effective techniques.

Creativity projects designed by a Master in Art Education.

Includes a 'How to Facilitate Creativity' video on the Staff Channel.


Watch the preparation videos on the Staff Channel.

Templates and more can be found on the Resources Page of this website.


Simply follow the videos, pause when prompted or as needed.

View the creativity projects below:


 inDutch Channel

Episodes in Dutch.

Levels:  G   1   2   3 

Duration: 5-90 minutes

Many episodes are free from language and are thus suitable for people speaking any language. This channel has some episodes in Dutch, suitable for people from the Netherlands and the Flemish speaking part of Belgium.

View episodes titles below:

Staff Channel

Supporting and inspiring information for carers!

Some channels will have downloadable

PDF's with support information.

Learn how to make the most of VivolyTV.

Get inspired.

How to's.


View content below:


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